Rattlesnake bites increase in Ontario: MNR


Global News

TORONTO – Massasauga rattlesnake bites are on the rise in Ontario and, according to the Ministry of Natural Resources, it could have something to do with the weather.

So far in Ontario this summer there have been six confirmed rattlesnake bites in the Parry Sound-Georgian Bay region, according to the MNR.

“We think there are three reasons (for the increased bites) according to our biologists,” said Jolanta Kowalski, a spokesperson for the MNR. “The first is mating season, so (the snakes) are moving around more. The second is it’s cottage season so there are more people up around the snake’s upland habitat. But the most likely reason is that June was cooler than normal so the snakes stayed in their upland habitat longer and out of the wetlands. This led to more snake and human interactions.”

The massasauga rattlesnake is the province’s only poisonous snake and is found primarily along…

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