B.C. mother found alive in Yukon 50 years after husband accused of her murder

National Post | News

A woman who disappeared from Surrey, B.C., more that 50 years ago has been found, but the fairy tale family reunion may never happen.

RCMP recently featured Lucy Johnson in their historic missing-persons file and Johnson’s daughter, Linda Evans, used that information to advertise the disappearance where her mother once lived in Yukon.

RCMP spokesman Curtis Harling said it wasn’t long before Evans heard from what turned out to be her half-sister.

“There was a woman who noticed the advertisement in the classified in one of the papers in the Yukon. Obviously there was a photo attached to it, and said ’Hey that photo is my mother,”’ he said laughing.

Harling said the woman was the daughter from Lucy’s new marriage and had no idea she had a half-sister or that her mother had been married before.

Johnson, who’s now 77 and living under a different name, disappeared in 1961…

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