Senior citizen spends life savings on scooter: Vancouver man steals it


Global News

86-year-old Bill Confiss spent almost his entire life savings, $4,000, on a brand new scooter to help him get around downtown Vancouver.

He has only had the scooter for two months, but it was stolen this week after a moment of what Confiss calls a “normal act of stupidity.”

Confiss was at an intersection along Kingsway, on his scooter, when he was approached by a man who expressed interest in the machine.

“He said ‘may I take a ride around the block?'” says Confiss.

He asked for some collateral, and the man gave him the chain around his neck and told Confiss that was his house key.

“So I accepted it,” he says. “He got into the scooter and he never came back.”

Confiss waited for about half an hour and when the man didn’t return, he came home. “I kicked myself in the butt,” he says.

He called the…

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