The moment two divers are almost swallowed whole by humpback whales off California coast

National Post | News

Two California divers nearly got a chance to play Jonah when they were almost swallowed whole by two humpback whales that surged to the surface with their mouths wide open to gobble up a school of fish.

The video encounter with the 40-ton mammals occurred last weekend about three kilometres off Morro Bay in California.

Divers Shawn Stamback and Francis Antigua were bobbing on the surface, passing time between dives, and had noticed the whales about half a kilometre away. Friends were capturing the moment on video in hopes of getting the whales in the background.

The video captures the breathtaking moment in horror movie perfection, and both divers rush to their boat afterwards to catch their breath.

Stamback told ABC News they still have no idea how the whales got so close to them without them noticing.

Humpbacks’ diet consists of mostly krill and small fish. They eat by…

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