Bieber spits from Toronto hotel balcony


Global News

TORONTO — Pop superstar Justin Bieber can’t seem to keep his saliva inside his mouth.

The 19-year-old singer dropped a spit-bomb Thursday from a balcony at the Hazelton Hotel in Toronto while dozens of young fans gathered on the street below.

Bieber was accompanied by three friends who laughed along as Bieber watched his spit missile hit the ground.

Photos of Bieber spitting off the balcony soon appeared on celebrity website TMZ.

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The London, Ont.-born star was in the city Thursday as his Believe tour played the first of two nights at the Air Canada Centre.

Bieber was recently accused of spitting in the face of Addison Ulhaq inside an Ohio nightclub. In March, one of the pop star’s California neighbours told police Bieber spit on him during an argument.

Some fans are wondering if Bieber should use…

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