‘What on Earth did he have to cover up?’: RCMP officer involved in taser death of Polish man not guilty of perjury

National Post | News

An officer who was among the four Mounties at the Vancouver airport the night Robert Dziekanski died has been found not guilty of lying at a public inquiry into the Polish immigrant’s death.

Const. Bill Bentley bent over and cried into a tissue after the verdict.

B.C. Supreme Court Justice Mark McEwan, who heard the case without a jury, said for a conviction, the Crown had to prove that Bentley knowingly made a false statement, but prosecutors failed to do that.

Bentley was the first to be tried for perjury for his testimony during the 2009 inquiry seeking to find answers about what happened the night the officers responded to a call about a distraught man throwing furniture in an arrivals area.

Dziekanski died on the airport floor in October 2007 after what Bentley said in his notes was a confrontation in which Dziekanski came at the officers screaming and…

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