Watch: Video captures the sounds of Vancouver

Global News

When motion graphics artist Ezra Istiroti decided to make a video capturing the sounds of Vancouver, he did not expect so many people will tune in.

The video called “The Symphony of Vancouver” is a three-and-a-half minute sound guide to this city.

Istiroti says he was inspired by a Russian composer who was experimenting with urban sounds in the 1920s.

“That gave me the idea that every city has its own sounds. So I started thinking – what are the sounds that are specific to this city?” says Istiroti.

So he started asking his friends what sounds they associate with Vancouver.

“People started saying the Skytrain, the 9 o’clock cannon gun, the geese.”

Istiroti says he walked around the city and just stood there listening. He would then record the different sounds.

“I started at the seawall in the morning… so people running. I grabbed the footsteps, the bicycles. That…

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