Miley Cyrus Performance at MTV VMAs Brooklyn 2013 (VIDEO)




Aight now listen, I know the above picture is def worth some giggles and is going to create some good memes, but I’m still rocking with this bitch by the name of Miley Cyrus. As I watched her performance last night at MTV VMAs, all I could keep thinking about is how my man Billy Ray Cyrus is handling this. I mean lets be real, no one wants their daughter to be prancing around like a little slut at all, but if I had a daughter and she wanted to show off some physical features, I’m all for it. Who am I to judge this precious this little white girl who’s getting in touch with her inner minority roots. For christ sake, I have man boobs and take my shirt off at the beach, which I know is unpleasant for 99% of the people around me, but I still…

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