Voyager 1: Earth’s message in a bottle

Global News

TORONTO – On Thursday, NASA reported that Voyager 1 – one of two spacecraft that were launched in the late 1970s – has left our solar system and entered interstellar space.

What makes this news particularly exciting is that on board each satellite is a type of time capsule with information chosen by a committee headed by the legendary astronomer Carl Sagan. The committee came up with 115 images and a variety of natural sounds of Earth, such as birds, surf, thunder, and whales. It also included greetings in 55 languages from around the world (the English greeting was recorded by Sagan’s son) and music. The information was all put onto a record.

Yes, a record.

But suppose aliens don’t know what a record is? Most kids today don’t, so why should we expect aliens to? Never fear: science is about thinking ahead. Carl Sagan and his…

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