B.C man found to have practised illegal dentistry to appear in Toronto court

Global News

TORONTO – A B.C. man cited for contempt for illegally practicing dentistry appeared in a Toronto court this morning.

He was remanded into custody and is expected to appear in court again on Friday unless B.C. authorities pick him up before then.

The Crown says B.C. has six days to get Wu back to B.C. After that period, he is releasable.

Toronto police say 62-year-old Tung Sheng (David) Wu turned himself in over the weekend.

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A B.C. judge ruled earlier this year that he was convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that Wu had ignored a 2003 court order to stop practising dentistry without a license.

Wu, who didn’t turn up in court to respond to the accusation from B.C.’s College of Dental Surgeons, was sentenced to three months in jail.

In May, the college uncovered an illegal dental…

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