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Second generation Windows 8.1 computers

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Today I talked about how much better the second generation of Windows 8.1 computers will be. I just got back from Dell’s New York launch showing their Windows 8.1 devices last Wednesday in New York.

What can consumers look forward to this fall?

More powerful notebooks, hybrid notebooks, better competitive prices and cheaper Android tablets.

Sam Burd, VP Dell Personal Computer Group, stressed the need for today’s new portable computing to meet the high demands the Millennial generation.

“Two thirds of Millennials expect to have the same device at work and at home,” said Burd. “They are our toughest customers who don’t rely on product marketing and will make their own buying decisions.”

Many of these devices use Intel 4th Generation Processors and Graphics technology for smaller, lighter, sharper, more powerful and longer battery life form factors. They range from an 8-inch Intel Atom-based full Windows 8.1 tablet to Intel…

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Homemade Videos for Juicy J’s Twerking Scholarship Contest


Juicy J has a track on, “Stay Trippy,” called, “Scholarship,” featuring A$AP Rocky. To promote the album and give back to his fans he decided to give away a $50k scholarship for the best Twerking video . It looks like he lowered it to $20k and is currently looking over the submissions. Took a like at some of the videos

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